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October 04, 2015 | Last Updated 5:41 PM
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Media & Marketing
Living by your talent
24/4/2013 11:37
It has always been interesting to note that careers in the creative industries – advertising, marketing, PR, design, media, etc – are often seen as “softer” options to other professional careers or academia.
Surviving the ad industry
24/4/2013 11:32
You must write from the gut, touch people’s emotions – forget being intellectual.
Sponsorship brand stand
10/4/2013 11:08
Marketing is a cluttered space and brands need to keep innovating to stand out. One way to do this is through sponsorship, particularly sports sponsorship, says Charles Brewer, head of DHL Sub-Saharan Africa.
Other Media & Marketing News
Nkandla gets most coverage: surveyNkandla gets most coverage: survey
6/5/2014 8:58
President Jacob Zuma's private Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal received the most media coverage by political parties in the lead up to the general elections, media survey group DDI said on Tuesday.
Upskill, upskill in digital skills
17/4/2013 9:15
I was recently part of a discussion with a couple of media and communications leaders in the industry about new job descriptions for young talent, specifically in the communications and advertising industry.
Know your consumer well
17/4/2013 9:13
It is vital today for marketers to know their consumers or their consumers won’t want to know them.
Re-engineering business
3/4/2013 11:13
The manufacturing sector needs to be taught to be more customer-centric and how to have “a marketers’ eye” when sectors undergo transformation.
The proof is in the marketing
3/4/2013 11:08
No company, not even one in the industrial or manufacturing sectors can afford to sit on its laurels and follow business plans set up years ago or think that because a brand is strong today, the same market will exist in a few years.
Branded entertainmentBranded entertainment
27/3/2013 9:14
Media everywhere, including producers, filmmakers, events are looking for new ways to encourage advertising to consumers who grow increasingly deaf to advertising noise.
Content is still king
21/3/2013 9:05
We hear it all the time!
Brand design outside in
21/3/2013 9:01
Companies will need to start designing brands from the outside in, by creating experiences built around a real relationship and bond with their customers. So says, Jacqui Maroun, head of user experience design at digital agency, Native.
Where the buck stops
13/3/2013 8:53
As a marketer you are dealing with the magic, the client is most important and here’s how to make a difference If you want your brand to be loved, go where no one else would dare to.
Brands ‘need marketing’
13/3/2013 8:50
In a recession, brands are told to advertise more as consumers hold tighter onto their wallets.
Interactive app launched for Design Indaba
6/3/2013 9:37
Absa, a long time sponsor at Design Indaba, launched an innovative app concept created by The Jupiter Drawing Room (Jhb) and developed by Bunry, as part of its Democratic Republic of Design campaign for Design Indaba 2013.
Designing a new world
6/3/2013 9:31
The message from the annual inspirational Design Indaba 2013 was that we are all responsible for designing a sustainable new world and creating innovation.
No objections to this pebble dressNo objections to this pebble dress
6/3/2013 9:11
Design Indaba is no longer just a conference and expo, showcasing the world’s best design and creative innovators or incredible local design.
Hoping and dreaming at DI
6/3/2013 8:59
The annual Design Indaba held last week in Cape Town delivered on its promise once again to inspire and delight.
Adding real valueAdding real value
27/2/2013 8:18
Some good news among all the sad crime stories of the past couple of weeks was the win at the Oscars of South African film documentary Searching for Sugar Man.

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