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October 04, 2015 | Last Updated 9:49 PM
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Mar 6 2013 8:45AM
Millions set aside to prioritise water supply and sanitation for the poor
Benefitting the poor: Premier David Mabuza has pledged to spend R30m on water and sanitation because access to basic services is paramount for all people as he claims: “We are a caring government”. Picture: Gallo Images
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Luzuko Pongoma

The Mpumalanga government is to spend more than R30m in providing water and sanitation to its residents.

During his state of the province address Premier David Mabuza said that a project aimed at providing and improving water supply to communities, schools and health facilities within four local municipalities in Mpumalanga that do not currently have municipal water supply at a budget of R7.5m.

He said that of the many service delivery challenges experienced by our municipalities, access to water top the list and the government, made a commitment to attend to the persistent problem of bulk water and sanitation infrastructure.

“Water delivery to power stations is planned by end April 2013 and opportunity exists for access to Kriel town from the Komati Water Scheme Augmentation Project. An estimated cost of R25m for the pipeline from Komati to Kriel would be spent,” he said.

Mabuza said access to basic service “by all our people is of paramount importance because we are a caring government”.

On health the premier said they had developed a comprehensive improvement plan to respond to urgent challenges confronting health institutions, especially hospitals. “We will finalise the appointment of suitably qualified CEOs in all hospitals by the end of April this year, We will ensure that we decentralise management and decision making processes to the CEOs of hospitals, with the districts and the head office playing a monitoring and quality assurance role,” he said.

Mabuza said they would also complete all outstanding minor repairs and maintenance by the end of June 2013. In this regard, they would set up rapid implementation teams to attend to all minor repairs.

The premier said he was encouraged that grade 12 performance increased from 47.9% in 2009 to 70% in 2012.

He said that in 2013-14, the province will implement a comprehensive improvement plan intended to provide targeted support to schools that performed below 50%.

Mabuza said their intervention speaks to the need to improve our output and quality of passes in mathematics and physical science. “We are concerned that the majority of our learners do not make mathematics and science their first subject choices. In some instances, learners are being discouraged from taking these subjects,” he said.

Mabuza also lashed out against people who abuse women and children and said their acts had no place in society. “The domestic violence perpetrated against women and girl children require that all the citizens of the province take a stand and say NO TO ABUSERS.”

He said that society needed to address some of the root causes of these crimes such as poverty, unemployment and inequality, particularly youth unemployment.

“As a province, we shall work with all law enforcement agencies and communities to take the fight against crime back to the door steps of criminals,” he said.

On job creation Mabuza said they have to work hard and grow the provincial economy at a rate of between 5% and 7% per annum so that the target of 719000 new jobs by 2020 is realised.

Mabuza also admitted that his government had not fared well in human settlement

He attributed the problems to the challenges of leadership and management, corruption and poor forward planning.

“Fortunately, we have already started to address some of the weaknesses that were revealed by our assessment report. This includes, among other things, strengthening the leadership of the department, tightening administrative systems and processes, particularly in the supply chain area.”

Mabuza said they were prioritising to complete all the incomplete houses within the next 100 days in the 2013-14 financial year.

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