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October 10, 2015 | Last Updated 11:48 AM
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Dec 5 2012 11:42AM
Paddle Paddle! nine month old twins who swim
Swimming nine month old twins. Picture: AFP
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TNA Reporter and Relaxnews

Nine month old UK twins Ellie and William Trykush shocked their parents as well as swimming instructors when they swam 25m on their own in an adult pool. 

First time parents Vic and Charley Trykush didn’t realise their twins had an extraordinary talent until they automatically turned on the back and started floating in the water.

“I thought all babies could do it," their mother Charley Trykush was quoted by Mirror News as saying.

“It wasn’t until we came to swimming lessons and people got so excited about it that we realised just how unusual it was and how clever they were.”

With no floating devices assisting them, the pair who are not yet able to sit nor do they crawl, propel themselves in the water by kicking their little feet and manoeuvring their little bodies in the water.

Proud dad Vic, already has high hopes for his little swimmers.

"Now they can swim, and bearing in mind they were born in the Olympic year of 2012, I'd love to see them at the 2028 Olympics when they are 16 years old," he was quoted by BBC News as saying. Risks with infant swimming

-- Risks with infant swimming --

"Some of the techniques that anyone can see on the Internet right now could and should be viewed as, at the very least, child abuse," said Jim Reiser, an instructor who preaches a gentler approach to child swimming.

Reiser was appalled watching the YouTube video "Lincoln in ISR", which shows an instructor letting a one-year-old repeatedly sink into a pool, pulling himself up and catching his breath between swallowed water and tears.

"I had to turn it off," Reiser said. "I was in tears and sick to my stomach. Imagine what the child was thinking but couldn't verbalize because he was too young. If the teacher was doing that to an adult, the adult would think the guy was trying to kill him."

When AFP contacted the mother of the child featured in the video, Jennifer Feagans, she said 4-year-old Lincoln now "adores" the water. "I know that video of Lincoln is hard to watch but he is an amazing swimmer now," she said.

Richard Lichenstein, a pediatric emergency medical physician at the University of Maryland Hospital for Children in Baltimore, Maryland, does not recommend the method.

"The technique does not teach a baby to swim nor can it be conclusively proven that it teaches an infant to survive," he said. "Worse it may give a parent the false sense that their child will not drown or knows how to swim.

"Infants can become hypothermic from exposure, get water intoxication from swallowing water and develop gastrointestinal and skin infections. There are risks associated with infant swimming," Lichenstein added.

In 2007 there were 525 accidental drowning’s among infants from one to six years old, according to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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