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October 09, 2015 | Last Updated 9:16 PM
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Apr 3 2012 5:07PM
Malema’s falsehood: ANC
ANC Youth League president Julius Malema. Picture: Gallo Images
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Phuti Mosomane

In a rare moment, led by the Secretary General, the ANC top six addressed the media in Johannesburg to put an end to “alien behavior and un-ANC remarks”.

Mantashe said Malema’s argument that new ideas are suppressed in the ANC is “a deliberate falsehood”.

At a centenary lecture hosted at Wits University on Friday the ANC Youth League president said that the league was being traumatised and suppressed under President Jacob Zuma's leadership.

"Under President Zuma, we've seen the youth of the ANC being traumatised and expelled from their home," he said.

Malema also said Zuma's leadership had suppressed the voice of the youth and replaced democracy with dictatorship.

Mantashe pointed out that the national officials of the ANC were seen as competing against each other but today was an opportunity to end all that.

“We are all one. Action taken must all be in-line with the ANC constitution and officials remain loyal to decisions taken."

As an advice to media sensations regarding leadership, Mantashe indicated that leadership contestations were neither foreign nor new in the ANC and members were allowed to be nominated but all must be done in accordance with the ANC constitutions.

Referring to ill-discipline in the ANC, Mantashe indicated that today’s response to MKMVA comments to expel Malema by the ANCYL as an example of ill discipline.

Mantshe noted that members were using the centenary celebrations and lecture platforms to cause divisions and insult ANC officials along racial, ethnic and racial lines.

“Members who take interest will campaign for their favourites leaders but should do so in line with the spirit of the ANC constitution. But often members find themselves in a situation where they have to account for their actions”.

The ANCYL was also urged to bring quality back in the movement as a body of opinion to also enable the ANCYL to become a militant organisation. 

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