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October 04, 2015 | Last Updated 2:31 PM
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Apr 29 2011 9:48AM
Comedy fries
Daniel Friedman, also called “Deep Fried Man”, a South African Comedian, who is strumming up a storm at Gold Reef City. Picture: SUPPLIED
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Helen Herimbi

Funnyman Daniel “Deep Fried Man” Friedman chats about comedy and Khanyi Mbau.

Daniel Friedman aka Deep Fried Man has a crush on Khanyi Mbau. The clean-shaven comedian has gone on television and sang about how he regrets that he’s not rich enough to bag the queen of bling. When he speaks to me over the phone, he excitedly exclaims, “Here’s something you can quote me on.

“Here is my claim to fame. Back when Khanyi Mbau was an extra on Hard Copy we smooched! She probably thought I was someone important like a director or something like that while I was just a production assistant. But we smooched – we totally did. And I invited her to meet me afterwards but she never pitched.”

And then he’s back to his usual jovial self. He has to get his mind off that woman to concentrate on another. Deep Fried Man is more than a funny guy, he’s a thoughtful one too.

He’s fielding my questions while looking for a birthday gift for a female friend. He can’t possibly go wrong by penning a song for her, can he?

OK, maybe not. You see, what Deep Fried Man does with his trusty guitar is musical comedy. He’s added melody to some pretty hilarious stuff in the few years he has been in the industry. His brand of comedy has led him to win the Best Newcomer category of the first annual Comic’s Choice Awards.

His acceptance speech was well received as he discussed some topical points about people and other absent comics to music. He says the comics may have voted for him to win this award for a number of reasons.

“It’s my winning smile,” he says emphatically, “and my good looks! Because I’m not funny. I’m just Jewish. And Jewish people always win awards,” he chuckles. “So I bet people were just like, ‘Oh he’s Jewish, just give it to him!’”

No, seriously, Deep Fried Man says, “I think it was because I do musical comedy and it’s rather new here so it made me stick out.” He later took to the stage with fellow funnyman Mojak, and together they performed a mozzarella-filled little ditty entitled Cheesy Music – an obvious parody of a Danny K and Mandoza song. They garnered plenty of applause but what about the people they were ripping off? How did they feel?

Well, Deep Fried Man explains, “Mandoza didn’t grace us with his presence even though he was invited but I was told Danny K was in the audience and he was nodding to the song. So I don’t know if he really liked it or he was just trying to act like he liked it.”

Deep Fried Man – a former journalist for publications such as the Mail and Guardian who then went into social media – is taking his comedy to a new stage. The Globe Theatre at Gold Reef City to be exact. The show is shared with the hilarious Mpho Popps Modikoane and it is called Loads of Laughs or L.O.L for short – not to be confused with the Laugh Out Loud TV show.

So what exactly is it about? “You know Cirque du Soleil?” quizzes Deep Fried Man. “Well, it’s got nothing to do with Cirque du Soleil. Absolutely nothing. Cirque du Soleil is so much better!

“I’m being weird as I always am,” he continues, “and Mpho, on the other hand, is just genuinely funny. And you get to see us dancing at the beginning of the show – even though Mpho and I are not dancers at all.”

He chuckles and then, “We get to ride unicycles and there’s actually a point where I set Mpho on fire!” Deep Fried Man is obviously joking.

However, I have the feeling you may enjoy yourself.

Loads Of Laughs is at The Globe Theatre at Gold Reef City in Ormonde every Friday to Sunday. Tickets are R55. Book at Computicket and the box office.

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